Sunday, June 24, 2018

Dear Dr. Stewart

This is a response to a comment from a doctor friend of mine who has seen the good side of vaccinations throughout his career and quickly defends them whenever they are questioned. I thought it was worth preserving and life has been so hectic I haven't made a new post in too long; so I'm saving this here.

Carolyn Lockhart Williams I know I sound like a kook and I never thought I would be a person who questioned vaccines. But I don't think I am the extremist in this debate; I am somewhere in the middle wondering what are the unintended consequences of the sheer number of vaccines that are currently on the standard schedule. I am in a Lyme disease FB group that has nearly 18,000 members and it could be said that what all of us on there really suffer from is damaged immune systems. It's not that we have "Lyme disease," which sounds like a single infection. What we actually find, when we finally get appropriate testing, is that we have 8 or 10 infections including reactivated viruses, mold, nematodes, fungus/yeast/candida. And Stewart, being in this Lyme group is like watching the beginning of the zombie apocalypse. These are some mangled people, suffering seizures, passing out, bed and/or wheelchair bound. Before I became a member, I HAD NO IDEA there were so many severely chronically ill people. But after finding out, and after frantically researching because my son was so sick, I couldn't escape what was staring me in the face: something is really wrong with our immune systems. They don't work anymore. We are born and raised in a chemical stew unknown to previous generations and, added to that, when I see so many vaccinations, I would be dishonest in my research/learning if it did not give me pause to wonder if this is part of the wearing down of the immune system (and even if vaccinations are part of the explosion in auto-immune disease). These things, the chemical stew, the vaccinations, they keep the immune system on a low-simmer and when that happens over enough time it causes real damage to the body and the immune system. I was certain, before learning my son had Lyme disease, that he had an auto-immune disorder. He had continuous, low-grade inflammation throughout his body. But I learned from the women in the Lyme group that everyone thinks that's what they have and that what we are given for it is immunosuppressant drugs which are really horrible for people who actually have parasites. Parasites love immunosuppressants! I don't have answers but I do have questions and concerns. How many vaccinations are enough? How many are too much? Are these numbers going to continue rising? And most of all . . . what are the unintended consequences and how can they be mitigated? That is not an extremist position; that is common sense.